Get to know me...
Most Admired Person: Dr. Jane Goodall 
Special Place in Yellowstone: Shores of Yellowstone Lake
Favorite Podcast: Jane Goodall Hopecast
Book Everyne Should Read: Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom


I'm a photojournalist based in Jackson, WY. My future storytelling will focus on issues I care about such as climate change and protecting our treasured ecosytems around the globe. Protecting landscapes, empowering cultures, and saving wildlife affected by climate change are the most important issues of my generation.


I love experimenting with new technologies. I've been into aerial photography with drones for over 5 years and fly them whenever and wherever I get a chance. Drones are a great tool for storytellers and have many uses.


Over the past two years, I have been experimenting with 360-degree virtual reality video and believe it can be a very effective way of telling a story.