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D.C. Photojournalism Work

Tyree Brown, a young D.C. artist became quadriplegic after a car accident in 2015. Her resilience in recovery is inspiring as she has retrained her non-dominant hand to make art again.

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Actress Jane Fonda and her group Fire Drill Friday's held their second protest to raise awareness about climate change. 17 people, including Fonda were detained by the U.S. Capitol Police.

The Nation Remembers President George H.W. Bush: December 3rd-5th, 2018. 


A series of images documenting the George Washington University women's lacrosse team practices.

Maida Withers, a professor of dance at The George Washington University has taught there for 53 years. She is interested in her students "finding their creative intelligence and the freedom to think and act creatively."  

In a soccer match at The George Washington University, two players have a disagreement on the field.

The 2018 Women's March in Washington, DC drew thousands of people to the National Mall.

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