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Tyree Brown Recovery 

Tyree Brown, 25, is an artist recovering from a car injury in 2015, which left her quadriplegic. Her recovery occurs in both the physical and spiritual realm. From a young age, she has always been spiritual, but the role of faith has grown increasingly important in recent years.

Family is a significant part of Tyree’s life. She shares a close bond with her mother Deree, as she is Tyree’s full-time caretaker, assisting in everything from cooking meals to driving her to physical therapy. The remarkable relationship between the two radiates whenever I’m with them.

Tyree is ambitious, driven, and caring. She wants to share her story with a wider audience to help people understand that life with a disability continues to be filled with love, joy, and creative fulfillment.

Despite challenging circumstances, Tyree’s life demonstrates that one can find hope, whether through family and God, or through some other source of inspiration. Through my time with Tyree, I’ve learned that doing what you love, in her case making art, is possible if you remain positive and persistent.

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