Team Dedication 

Witness the dedication of The George Washington University Women's Lacrosse Team










On The Field Work 

Countless hours on the field were spent doing stick, ball, and running drills. Through the much variable weather the team showed dedication while remaining positive in the rain, cold, and wind. The seemingly long mornings and afternoons spent at practices only made the team grow and strengthen while it also helped foster relationships.   

The Practice- Off The Field

Effort in the Weight Room and Focus Watching Film

Effort in the Weight Room and Focus Watching Film

Off the field was another place the team showed discipline. The weight room essentially served as a "break" from the lacrosse field but not from the day's workout. Once the final drill on the field was completed to the head coach Tracy's satisfaction, the team headed inside to the weight room. Despite the aching and the tiredness from the final sprints on the field, the team stayed disciplined and finished out practice strong with more work and maximum effort.  

Caring, Compassionate, and Encouraging 

A Strong Sense of "Team"

The team dynamics were very strong throughout the season. Whether during a running drill at practice or after an important game goal, the players, no matter what year they were supported each other. Encouragement was necessary and very helpful during the tough game losses as well as after a long energy-draining practice.

Game ​Day

It's A Day of "Team"

The day often started with a team breakfast to collectively hydrate and fuel up for the upcoming game just hours away. On the field warm ups were an hour before the start of the game. From the opening draw, the team displayed all the core values they showed during the many practices such as discipline, accountability, and positivity. After the game was a team tailgate prepared by the parents. Throughout game day the team spent valuable time together from sunrise to sunset. 

The Student-Athlete

Discipline in the classroom

From engineering, to interior design, and journalism, there were many diverse interests and majors amongst the student-athletes. 


Staying tough through difficult times

The injuries, aches, and pains took a toll on some players but did not stop them from displaying their resilience throughout the season.

Season Closing Thoughts

There was a large amount of effort from both the players and coaches in making the team function properly. 


     Capturing all the dedication, preparation, and effort of the team was a hard task. The countless hours the players spent on the field improving their game was only complimented by the hundreds of hours spent off the field both reviewing film as well as improving strength and conditioning in the gym. 

     One of the objectives of the season was to leave the team better than they found it. The team has continued to develop and strengthen since the change of leadership in recent seasons with Head Tracy Coyne and assistant coaches Kelly Lechner, and Kelyn Freedman taking over. This objective was met and will continue to be in the team's mind for years to come. 

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