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My African Elephant Mission

During the summer of 2019, I traveled to South Africa to use photography to aid in elephant conservation. Elephants are magnificent animals that are highly intelligent and social. Their population is rapidly declining due to human poachers. We can't sit still and watch these animals that have been around for millions of years disappear in the next twenty.  Conservation efforts and optimism are needed so the next generation can experience wild elephants and the entire African ecosystem remains healthy.


Project Goals: 

  1. Glorify elephants through photos to give people an appreciation of these magnificent animals 

  2. Raise awareness of issues facing elephants  through photography 

  3. Educate the local community on wildlife in the area and the  problems they face

  4. Raise money directly for “Save The Elephants” organization


“Many people can take great photos… it’s how you use your photos to make an impact.”


"Conservation is only possible when engaging the local community that lives with it."


Two Books:

Proceeds go to “Save The Elephants” organization

Purpose: This book explains my personal love of elephants through photos and text. All pages glorify them by showing their beauty while some pages focus on personal stories and encounters with them. Other pages highlight the crisis elephants face in order to raise awareness and give suggestions how people can help.   

Purpose: This book was made for the kids at a local South African school for their reading club. It is translated from English to their local language Sepedi. I want to educate them on the wildlife essentially in their backyards so they have a better appreciation. Also I highlighted the threats these animals face to help foster the next generation of conservationists.